Shmita is...           Rest Rejuvenation       Peace         Hope

Welcome to the Shmita Project.

Started in 2007, The Shmita Project aims to raise awareness, create discussion, and inspire change based on the principles and practices of the Jewish shmita or sabbatical year.

The teachings of shmita relate to land, food, debt, work-and-rest, equality, and time – all of which resonate with crises we face today. While we may not solve these issues on a global scale, Jewish tradition and the teachings of shmita offer unique insights that can help us build a healthy, sustainable, and equitable world.
The following resources are offered to help you engage more deeply with the teachings and traditions of shmita while inspiring you to take action.

The shmita year began on September 6th 2021 and ends on September 25th 2022.