Embodied Shmita Journey: A three-part transformational journey through the Jewish calendar year.

Date: September 1, 2021
– September 1, 2022
Through A 13-Month Guided Process Release What Is No Longer Life-Giving Reset Your Natural Rhythms And Rewild Your Life From The Inside Out
  • The Embodied Shmita Journey is divided into three parts: RELEASE, RESET & REWILD.

  • You can register for each part individually (RELEASE: $384 | RESET: $384 | REWILD: $384)

  • Early Bird Rate for RELEASE ($180) until August 23!

  • You can also receive a discount if you register upfront for the full year!

    ($1152 REGULAR | $948 EARLY BIRD RATE)

*RESET includes one Deep Dive Immersion with one of your Shmita guides. You can purchase additional RESET Deep Dive Immersions for $384 each.