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Jewish tradition is rooted in ritual objects, texts, music and practices that facilitate both a personal and collective engagement with the Jewish cycle of the year. At Hazon and with our international partners, we are harnessing the power of the arts to explore the intersection of the shmita wisdom teachings with contemporary Jewish life. The Shmita Prizes award artists and creatives – from all levels of experience and age groups – for works of art that bring into focus the relevancy and application of shmita values in our contemporary world. These art works will offer creative avenues with which to prepare for, mark and engage with the shmita year.

We are taking a unique and public art approach to the Shmita Prizes. Your submissions will make up an archive on our webpage gallery where the public can learn more about you and what you have created. This shmita creative arts collection will serve as a source of inspiration for others, while building a global network of Jewish artists committed to engaging with the teachings and values of shmita. *Please be certain to check the box at the end of this form granting Hazon permission to post your image and a bit about you and your work. Thank you!

Shmita Prizes submissions are being received on a rolling basis and will close on
Chanukah, 2021

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NOTE: Please gather all of your written information and documentation offline before beginning the submissions process. Work will not be saved until submitted. If you believe an error has occurred, you may contact us here. Thank you!
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Ritual Object: Works created in this category can be in any medium. We are particularly interested in ritual objects that lend themselves to the Rosh HaShana or Shabbat table and/or that could be activated in a newly imagined Shmita ritual. Artists creating works for this category should consider the capacity to reproduce this object for wide distribution.

Fine Art: Visual works including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, illustration, fiber arts, ceramics, book arts, comix, mixed media, installation and other applicable mediums.

Film/video: Non-performative works that engage film and video as a contemporary art medium.

Performance Art / Music / Liturgy: Performative works that exhibit one or more of the following - new expressions of ritual, liturgy, dance, spoken word, or original music.

Written Word: Written word including prose, poetry, essay, and scripts.

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